Our Values

At NORDESTIC, we believe in certain values, upheld in all of our products. Our love of detail makes each product unique, giving you the opportunity to personalise your home. Our focus is on our favourite interior design style: the Scandinavian look, characterised by modern, minimalist design and a lightness created by natural elements. With the help of clever wooden constructions, cotton silk, elegant neutral colours and organic shapes, our lamps create the perfect cosy and high-quality ambience for you. This artistic freedom and sustainability is evident throughout our production process. This is what makes us different from large corporations, and we go out of our way to work exclusively with small and independent businesses.


For us, it is essential to ensure fair working conditions. Particularly in these current uncertain times, we believe in securing the futures of small businesses, protecting them from being pushed out of the market by wholesalers. We fully support the spirit of small owners, who put their hearts and souls into innovating and creating their products with such ambition. These are the people who move our society into the future. Through NORDESTIC, you too can be a part of this.


Above all, we have the highest quality standards for the products we offer you. The small businesses we work with are all certified to the highest standards, so you can be certain that every single product has been handmade especially for you. You can see the high quality in our handmade macrame lamps, for example: the finest cotton silk, treated with safe dyes, crafted and knotted to high-quality metals.


It is extremely important for us to reduce our ecological footprint, so sustainability plays a key role in our business values. Together with you, we can have an immense impact on our environment. With each order you place, we plant a tree to help protect the climate protection. Did you know that one large tree can produce enough oxygen every day for ten people? Trees also remove harmful substances, such as nitrogen oxides and sulphur, as well as fine dust from the air. For that reason, it’s vital that we work together with you: with each order, we make a significant contribution to combatting climate change.

As you can see: All of us at NORDESTIC value people and the planet. It is our priority to make the world a better place, while also ensuring that your home is made beautiful with our unique Scandinavian designs, because:
“What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow." (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)